Ernst Wallinga

When Ernst walks into a room people tend to notice it immediately: this man is full of energy! With his intelligence, heap of experience and creative way of thinking he even questions the most basic assumptions. Certainly no redundancy when it comes to tendering! In his spare time he is a fanatic basketball fan and, thanks to his Berner Senner, he is a (big!) dog lover as well.

Ingrid de Boer

By combining analytic capabilities with a critical viewpoint, Ingrid always stays a head of the curve. She possesses the unique capability of translating abstract analysis with seeming ease into captivating texts. In her spare time she like to attend concerts and go wall-climbing. 


DickJan Braggaar

Saying what you do and doing what you say, that is the motto DickJan lives by. He is decidedly not a fan of boasting or big words. His academic background in linguistics and computer science ensures this. Next to writing he likes to read a lot as well. Amongst whom is Mark Twain, who once wrote ‘If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything’.


Miguel Wallinga

Without form, no function. Our designer Miguel is in charge of adding visual appeal to our bid-offers. Due to his affinity with aesthetics and a knack for quantative analysis, he is capable of translating the most complex texts into clear images. He also works for our sister-company Sellian.


Jan Bosveld

Jan is a seasoned accountmanager with over 25 years of experience. He is critical in a very positive way, and his communicative skills are beyond compare. Jan has a lot of experience with complicated tenders. When Jan is not working he is to be found in his kitchen, or he is enjoying a beautiful ride in the country in his cabrio, or even on his bike. Jan will be pleased to get in contact with you.